Ford & Filson

Bronco Wild Fund

When the legendary brands of Bronco and Filson tapped Little Rumble to capture content of their new concept vehicle, we jumped at the chance to pull out our favorite production toys and play in the beautiful wonderland of Northern Washington. During the three-day shoot, we raced around the forest location-scouting and filming the Ford x Filson Wildland Firefighter Crew concept vehicle that combined the power of the Badland Series Bronco with the beauty of Filson materials. The video served to announce the creation of the Bronco Wild Fund: a fund created to connect and inspire people to get out in the wild in a responsible manner. As natives of the Pacific Northwest, nature conservation is an important value to us at Little Rumble, so we were stoked to help with this cause.

Production: Little Rumble
Post-Production: Little Rumble